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We use IBM Analytics to research your ideas for ease of use. And we do this very quickly to provide you with the opportunity to make a very informed decision. We believe that you will be very happy with processes that are in place that can help you.
All of our databases on the cloud have security measures that help protect your data. There's also REST API. And a variety of configuration from hybrid cloud computing that can help you protect your data.

We use IBM Cloud to connect to almost everything on the internet. And with over 150 services we're confident we can integrate with your service. Once we know your use case, we're able to make it very easy for you to understand how you'd like to proceed. Here's a sample:

After an account activation fee, you can begin development and continuous delivery of your project. This way if you can't prototype it, then it probably isn't feasible. Free montly allowances of API usage removes much of the risk on your part for wanting to know if your concept works or not.

IoT Kits100

Garage Method Analytics100

Watson Machine Learning100

Continuous Analytics100

Upgrade Thinking, Create Impossible

IoT Starter Kits With CrowdMole™

Big Data

Data goverance for today's data.


Transform antiquated paper mills.

Virtual Machines

Use virtual services and machines.


Use industry leading IBM XaaS.


Scale with real-time crowdfunding.


Build with tomorrows servers.

CrowdMole VPN

CRM, Ideate, Protect, Collaborate.

Private Cloud

Take total control of your data.

Web Hosting

We can host a variety of data.


Watson Analytics

Real-time Data Discoveries.

Cognos Analytics

Unstructured data governance.


We know how to use it.


Data alchemy at it's finest.


Protect your internet investment.

Hawkeye ATS™

HCM Tech tested over 6 years.

Intelligent H2M, M2M, M2H

IoT Starter Kits for Cognitve Machines

Our mission is to optimize people by allowing them to remain within their core skill sets longer than imaginable. New levels of production will require more people to manage global goods and services.

Cognitive Analytics

Skip The Spreadsheet

Give up your antiquanted black and white forms. We can value you your existing processes, or we can manage them for you. Either way your work could change with cognitive analytics.

Sales & Marketing

All Marketing Begins With Your Data

All marketing begins with your databases. Most firms are still using antiquanted form collection and hoping to gain data from it. We offer data science in a box to help you get more out of basic A/B testing and form collection. We don't care if it's direct mail or direct response.

API Connect

Create Your XaaS Masterpiece

All of our solutions harness the power of REST API. Develop your own solution and create your pricing tier. Chef the impossible with API freedom and flexibility.

Servers & Security

On Premise & Off Premise

We offer a variety of bare metal servers, virtual services, and much more to help you organized and maintain your data. Protect your digital real estate with security groups, VPNs, and appliances.


Data & Recovery Options

We can store and recovery vast varieties of data. We don't care if it's structured or unstructure. CrowdMole goes further by providing you the insights you need with enough time to take action.

Cognitive Surveys

All Industries Survey

Accelerate your testing, research, and discovery with cognitive surveys. We allow unlimited responses, and secure data storage. Additional forms are required for HIPAA related surverys.

Geo Spatial Analytics

Get More Out of Your Target Market

Geo spatial analytics is a great way for you to isolate on your territory. As former merchandisers, the soft data in your territory can give you an overwhelming advantage. Give yourself the upper-hand!

Trend Spotting

Enhance Your Vision

We have a full dichotomy of analytics at our disposal to help you learn more from your proprietary data. We can also enhance your data by augmented it with social trends. We help you discovery mismatches and innovations to help you maintain pole position.




Speech & Watson


Watson Discovery


Personality Insight

IBM Business Partner

2 people discussing a solution

IBM Bluemix Partner

CrowdMole is a IBM Bluemix Business Partner. We're able to provide you with a variety of custom solutions on the cloud. We can provide public cloud, hybrid cloud, and private cloud solutions. We also offer legendary IBM resilency fo your solutions too.

We use our speciality in prescription analytis to design a cost benefit analysis. As IBM Bleumix Business Partners, we also are Tech Data Business partners too. Our resources are extensive in getting you to the right solution the first time.

CrowdMole can also talk you through and or consult you on what you're trying to manufacture with Bluemix. We offer easy to understand billing. With Garage Method ideation to get you going fast like Phil Remington.

To begin; all you have to do is register with our client login page. Complete the form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Everything is easy to digest and enables you to begin working with bluemix using a pay as you go model.

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